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New features

Beitrag von Shyxela »

I forgot to add it would be helpful to have a scrapbook filler that would like attack let’s say people in the hall of fame maybe like a setting to imput to attack from number 40000 to 10000 in the hall of fame and it would attack the 40000 first then after the 15 min 39999 then 39998 and so on however anyone has set it up to attack so the scrapbook would be filled basically automatically since it would be attacking the desired people but in a large quantity etc or even where you can also insert names and list them as many up then the bot would attack them and delete the attacked person from the login thing so it wouldn’t attack them twice thars my idea for a helpful scrap book filler as it’s hard to fill it up in large quantity of servers etc have a lovely day
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Re: New features

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Have a look into this: viewtopic.php?f=37&t=1314
Requires some manual work (scan and then copy the list into the bot) but should work pretty well :)

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