Bot issues

Fehler der Beta-Versionen
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Bot issues

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The bot Dosent open eggs , and keys dungeons also it does not prioritise the tower for the gold bonus in the dungeon I always have to do it manually and it’s frustrating please make a fix where it does the tower prioritising Also Is there a way to add a mechanic so it can enchant rune enchantments for the gold 50% etc a way to add something?
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Re: Bot issues

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Has been asked before in this thread: viewtopic.php?p=17283&hilit=eier#p17283

Here is Robin's answer in English:
Hi all,

in fact, sooner or later, some things that run via their new display type (you click somewhere and then a "Unlocked" popup opens) will probably have to be adjusted in the bot.
The same applies to everything that is only displayed on the left side of the menu, for example, where you have to actively click to redeem an item.

For pet items (eggs/nests) and dungeon keys this will be implemented in the bot in the next version, but please let us know if you notice anything else like that.
We suspect for example that among other things scrapbook, toilet, wheel of fortune etc. would be candidates. But due to the lack of test accounts we can only take limited precautions in the bot.

Many greetings
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