a few suggestions

Alle Arten von Feature-Wünschen können hier gestellt werden.
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a few suggestions

Beitrag von juniorek998 »

First of all, I would like to apologize for my English, it is poor so I use a translator, I hope you will understand everything :)
My suggestions for new features are as follows:

1. and probably the most important of all that I have - restore the option of selecting which days the bot can drink beer during the event. I used to be able to set the bot to drink beer only on days when the exp-event is active. Today I don't have this option anymore and it seems to me that the bot drinks beer in every event. + added option "exclude actions with mushroom behavior".

2. add the ability to exclude buildings for construction in the fortress. it's all about gem mines. at a low level, upgrading the mine, as we know, makes no sense, because mining costs a lot and, unfortunately, the bot develops the mines. (no possibility to edit planned build, when editing multiple 30+ accounts is selected)

3. improved "drink beer" batch action for multiple accounts. when I issue a command, the bot drinks beer on 2 characters and hangs for ~10 seconds, canceling the command and doing nothing.

and finally the proposal, switched to a subscription system.
this will allow you to raise funds for the development of the application, and perhaps you will be able to find another person to work on the program.
I understand that the creation of the bot could have been planned from the beginning as a free program.
you can make free versions, e.g. only for quests, arenas and dungeons.
hellvedor, drinking beer, worth, buying a mount, premium traders.
I think that the cost of 5/10e per month for players would be negligible, and maybe it will be possible to raise funds for better development of the program? :)

Of course, I also hope that EU8 and Necromante will be successfully added to the game soon
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Re: a few suggestions

Beitrag von smug_cat »

every i agree with execept the sub system

i get your point but maybe more ads or more donation encoragment

not a sub

this my setup and how much it would cost me (monthly)
maybe after that you will get my point

orange pi 2 zero w vs vserver 25c/5€
ngrok vs domain free / 1/2€
telegram sshd free / up to 10€

most coding/scripting i done my self

and people who are not this into tech pay the full price
so price has *NO CAP* on top of the 5/10 euro

starting at 10€ for mfbot is a lot for mostly being afk

on top of

atleast from those services you actually get something

playa is going to be pissed
mfbot users will go down

not fun for no one

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